Thursday, February 7, 2013

For this last holiday season, I decided to step away from the traditional color scheme and instead add a little flair to my table for the Star Magazine Holiday Party. I am a huge fan of the red and turquoise color combo and was dying to use it for the holidays! Being a hater of all things unoriginal and gimmicky, I choose to use subtle details to tie the holidays into my table. You can guarantee that you will never see a christmas tree or a santa claus propped on one of my tables as decor!

 I used a styrofoam board covered in custom red glitter wrapping paper from Paper Souce as my back drop for this table. I tied in the same red glitter by adding a ribbon boarder all around the table. Always make sure to incorporate white into your table in order to avoid it looking like a cluster of color. White breaks up the table nicely and keeps it easy on the eyes.

I love any dessert on a stick! These are Rice Krispy Squares dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. I always add little bows to the sticks in order to make it even more decorative. All labels used on this table were actually ornament frames that I found in the dollar section at Target. I just tore off the back and glued the lable on!

Cake pops are my specialty! It is truly like biting into a piece of heaven! Once the word gets out  about how amazing they taste, I can't replenish fast enough!! They are gone in minutes! I LOVE to use unconventional items, like this white acrylic box, to display my desserts in. I just insert a styrofoam box covered in custon wrapping paper and it is good to go!

Make sure to include to-go boxes on your table. Of course you want your guests to indulge at your party, but why not let them take a little sugar to go! Decorate the boxes with ribbons and labels and disperse them all around your table to fill in the gaps and make your table look fuller.

Create height on your tables using various stands. You dont want all your glassware to be the same level....BORING! I use boxes of all sizes covered in fabric to create height as well!

My glassware at different heights! Take a closer look!

You can also use these long twisted lollipops to create some height as well! Get creative!